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September 6, 2011

Powerful artifact from WTC attacks finds home in Belleville

(KMOV)-- A 35-foot long, 7,100 pound steel beam from one of the World Trade Center attacks now sits in the engine bay at the Belleville Fire Department headquarters.
It made its debut in the Labor Day parade on Monday and will one day be the centerpiece of a 9-11 Memorial Walkway outside the fire department.
Check out my 360-degree video of the beam along with the pictures.
The city, with the help of volunteers, petitioned the New York Port Authority for a big piece of steel to display in a prominent area.
Belleville Fire Chief, Scott Lanxon told me, "We decided to do a walkway, not just a memorial. It's going to go all the way around the property to a parking lot in the back (of the fire department) and the walkway's going to be a timeline of the events of 9-11. We thought that would be nice to educate, especially the younger people who didn't live through it."
Learn more about the piece's permanent future in Belleville at A fundraising effort is just getting underway for what is formally called, The September 11th Memorial Walkway of Southern Illinois.
Mark Schnyder is a reporter at KMOV-TV.